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Here! · is · my · story

the wall ~|or|~ pretty is she more than strong is my writ latin, okay?

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Ad dea aspicio, ultra terminus/
Mille ac mille esurio mea cor, exspecto/
Sum ergo Cupiditas/
Itaque calxa proicio ipsae ex earum locus/
Pro oculus gresso per ager ad eius/

Da mi basia mille, deinde centum/
Dein mille altera dein secunda centum/
Adhuc, non appropinquo laetitia eius/
Cum arcus cycnis, hedera luna alba/
Aut quam sidera multa dies obduco lavo visum/

Praeter parietis, recubo Elysium femina forma/
Cum umerus par casum pluvialis/
Cunabul saeta iacio in nix velius/
Flamen ferito in papilla/
Par equui vado, volito in tumulosa tremulus nimbus/

Visio, Exstasis/
Dexterae, ita lente/
Et cum tacet nox/
Sino quae mea laus/ 
Tendo Voluptas ipsa/
Sono unde procul vallum/


At dawn, I saw, past this border/
A thousand thousand curses to my heart wait, yearning/
I am, thus, Eager Desire/
And so the bricks will fling themselves from their place/
That my eye might tramp through the field toward her/

Give me a thousand kisses, give me a hundred/
Give me then a thousand more and a hundred more/
Yet, it cannot approach the joy that is her/
As the curve of the swan, lovely as the pale moon/
As many as there are stars are the days spent bathing in this sight/

Beyond this wall reclines Elysium in a woman's shape/
With shoulders like fortuitous rainfalls/
Which cradle hair scattered atop snowy skin/
The wind lashes across her breasts/
Like steeds rush, fluttering back and forth over hills of trembling cloud/

Her very sight, ecstasy/
Her hand, slow/
And in the quiet of night/
Allow it that my praise/
Reach Pleasure itself/
Be it heard over this wall/

* * *