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Someone's been reading my diery
Someone's been reading my mind
Someone's been thinking the things that I thought
Dying the deaths I have died

Someone's been picking my pockets
Someone's been wearing my face
Someone's been holding the hand i have held
Someone's been filling my space

Someone's been doting to tease me
Someone's been crossing my eyes
Someone's been riding the writing I've written
Someone's been drafting my cries

Someone has dug up my secrets
Someone has fingered my guise
Someone has nailed my cacophony shut
Someone stood up to my lies

Someone has poisoned my waitress
Someone has served me up spiked
Someone has mussed up the tables I've bussed
Someone has loath'd what I've like

Someone is choosing my battles
Someone is calling my shots
Someone is halving my holes into sums
Someone is knotting my naughts

Someone is drowning my lifeguard
Someone is biting my bit
Someone is pointing out points I have made
Someone is shooting my shit

Someone is wetting my whistle
Someone is winding my sheets
Someone is standing my hair at the end
Someone is bound to my beat

Someone was shooting my moon down
Someone was setting my sun
Someone was rifling through all my stuff
Someone was jumping my gun

Someone has hung my head heavy
Someone now knows what I've known
Someone has worn out my welcome by now
Someone should keep to one's own

Someone's been seeding the garden
Someone's been guarding my side
Someone's been Someone while I'm someone else
Dying the deaths I have died
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