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The other night, my librarian friend & I were drinking, so we began development of a system of categorization to replace the Dewey Decimal Classification. It is called the Robinson-Malone Obfuscation and it is thus:


[author's middle initial][number of words in title, represented (per angle) by a geometric shape][number of pages reduced, by repeatedly summing individual digits, into a single digit].[birth year of author divided by number of main characters]


[number of letters in title, squared][thickness of first printing of book, in cm, multiplied by 2 and represented via the alphanumeric encoding: a=1, b=2, c=3, etc.(in pictured example, the book was 2.75 cm thick, x2 = 5.5, which becomes the letters e & half of f)].[middle page number (or numbers, if book comprises an even number of pages)].[author's blood type]

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